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The Difference Between Competition and Festival Light Shows

There is always a lot of talk among glovers about what a real light show is. In my opinion, there is no wrong way to throw a light show, and I credit [PM] Pro Heavy for pointing it out a few years ago. Gloving is a type of personal expression, and there is no way to tell someone how they can and cannot express themselves.


Sounds of Sinder: This Week in Glover Jams

What’s up people of the internet! This is DJ Sinder, a.k.a [PLL] Mirage coming at you with some of my favorite gloving tracks of the week. As your new DJ for BOSS, FNL, IGC and pretty much anything gloving related, I’m here to help you all evolve your concepts and style with weekly #SoundsOfSinder: new songs from all different genres of dance, every week.


EmazingLights Talks Gloving with Slander

Last weekend I got the opportunity to hangout with Scott and Derek from the acclaimed heaven trap duo Slander at Moonrise Festival in Baltimore. This was a great chance to catch up since last time we saw Scott, he was throwing down a crazy set for us at the International Gloving Championship ’14, honoring his gloving roots. These dudes dished out some great advice and showed a deep passion for the music, with a common root in gloving.