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Wake Up, These 13 Sleepers Could Crush IGC This Year

With so much hype surrounding big name glovers like [PM] Cypher and [ION] Vex in the Legends Bracket, people forget that there are 128 awesome competitors in the Open Bracket. Since IGC boasts talent from all over the country, I wanted to shout out some of the top sleepers in my book.


Why The IGC 2015 Legends Are Actually Superheroes

The 2015 IGC Legends Bracket this year is entirely stacked with some of the best glovers ever. There are representatives from all over the country facing off, and each one of these guys has earned Superhero status in the gloving community. This year, the Legends Bracket is going to be a battle that will go down in history with Waterloo, Normandy and that time Loki opened a portal over NYC.


Community Spotlight: London, England – The Un-united Kingdom

Greetings from England!

My name is [CC] Bio, and I’m going to give you a quick briefing on the gloving scene across the pond.

The United Kingdom plays host to some of the most vibrant clubs in Europe, and it’s easy to imagine an art like gloving taking off in a city with such a healthy EDM scene. Right now, however, I can name less glovers in my country than brands of gluten free beer.