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[MOB] Vex: “The Glover Vault” – Featured Video Breakdown by Ice Kream Teddy

Welcome to Issue #3 of my Video Breakdown Series. Today, we go into the vault, or rather, [MOB] Vexgoes into the vault to recreate three shows from the 3 different glovers who have inspired him along his journey to the Gloving Olympia: Ayo? Trippz’s 1st “Matrix” Light Show, My “Tropical Paradise” Light show and Vixen’s “Custom” light show. Three very different styles, and yet the young Jedi has managed to capture all three, while putting his own spin on with finesse.


36 Hours Later, The Chroma36’s are History (Instructions Inside)

With only 250 Limited Edition Chroma36 sets made, the demand was real. Yesterday at 2 p.m. we launched these 36 color, 7 mode beasts, and according to our figures, 75 percent of them got scooped up that very same day. The final set was sold at 1:27 p.m. PST today.