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Why Your Ego Is Holding Your Gloving Back

We all have a perception of how our art looks to others around us, whether it be positive or negative. With that perception, we construct a portrayal of how we are perceived by others, that we believe to be accurate. This self-perception, that occurs in our minds, is what we call the ego.


(3M) Jest Unlocks The Infinite Movement Theory

When I first met these two Hawaiian glove gods [IM] Puppet and [IM] Mez, their use of “Web Theory” embodied their styles so naturally that I had to rename it for them. I, Jest, do hereby officially dub this the “Infinite Movement Theory.”


Face from the Crowd: Allazo the Backflipping Orbiter

While many glovers and orbiters focus on up close and personal details, this Minnesota orbiter combines his orbiting abilities with self-taught hip hop dance moves to create a multi-layer light show. Allazo’s running backflip videos have added a recent buzz to the art of orbiting, which have drawn both praise and criticism from his peers in the orbiting community.