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How Lost Lands Became 100% Lights Friendly

Back in 2012, Gregg Lillie and EmazingLights took a team of light show artists to Escape from Wonderland in San Bernardino. The team called “the FaceMelt Crew” was the first festival team of its kind, and today, the program and Gregg’s legacy lives on at 25+ festivals across America. After moving on from his position as Brand Manager of EmazingLights, Lillie has worked closely with Jeff Abel, more commonly known as world class Bass Producer, Excision.


IGC Returns 2018: Online Format & $10,000 Grand Prize

The International Gloving Championship has been a staple in the world of gloving & light shows since its inception in 2011. We’ve run IGC once per year here in Southern California, which brought roughly 500-800 people on average, and offered up some of the largest amounts of prize money to be offered in competitive light shows.


Jest's Top 10 Light Shows of Electric Forest Weekend 1

Year after year, Electric Forest Music Festival in Rothbury Michigan plays host to a gathering of some of the most dedicated and unique flow artists in the Midwest and beyond. The very first time I experienced Electric Forest in 2014, I knew it was something unique. That year I received some of the best light shows in my life. The only regret I have from that year is that I didn’t record the fire.


Lights On! Swaps Fan Voting for Fully Judged Format

Since we announced the “Lights On!” competition a few weeks ago, there’s been one common concern that has come up–the competition being a popularity contest. We heard you loud and clear and we’re making the changes you’ve asked for.


The Champions of FaceMelt : Outlaw

Gloving has evolved rapidly over the past few years. Going from a very niche art to a widespread competitive community, the future is extremely bright for the sport of gloving. IGC has gotten increasingly more popular, competitions pop up both in person and online, and the art has gotten more accepted throughout mainstream media. Where gloving goes is entirely up to the community, and it’s going to be a pleasure to watch that evolution.


New Concept: Clusters (AKA 9-Point-Grid-Isolations)

What are Clusters?

This emerging new concept style is similar to finger stacking and dialing,  with the main difference being the number of fingers involved. Dials typically are done using 2 fingers rotating around and stacking together. In “Clusters,” you may use any number between 3 and 10 (or more if you have a doubles partner) fingers to create point-of-contact shapes, or “connect the dots” grid structures. Once you find a shape that you like, you can manipulate it on a much smaller scale, and with more precision than with similar dial moves.


Glovetrotting Through Southeast Asia with Shaman

Ever wish you could quit your job and travel the world doing what you love? I fantasized about it for years. My name is Lemuel Sison, aka Shaman; and after a near-death-induced epiphany, I realized that life was too short not to. Around the same time, I found myself freezing in line for a Halloween warehouse rave, where I bought my first pair of glow gloves from a sketchy van in the parking lot to keep warm. Little did I know the impact it would have on my life, changing its course forever. 


Bubbles on Empowering Women to Orbit

A nationally ranked figure skater turned orbiter, Alicia Hernandez (aka Bubbles) is the only female on the EmazingLights Orbit Sponsorship team. Known for her full body style and powerful wrap sequences, Bubbles is changing the way that festival goers view female light show artists and paving the way for all artists to come.


The Fall & Rise of Skittles: Bringing Back the Roots of Gloving

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve officially made my “comeback” into the gloving scene, and I’ve had some time to observe the many changes that have taken place since I first hung up the gloves in 2012. I’ve been able to soak things in, and figured now would be a good time to shed some light around the following:


The Legend of Siren

At age 20, Alexandra Kiang (aka Siren) is part of a talented crop of orbiters that is taking over the light show community as we speak. Part of a sister Cosplay Duo for 4 years and the MC of the only functioning Anime Maid Cafe in America, Siren’s most unique talent as a performer might be her ability to play a long list of characters and raise the production value of a project by looking the part. For her EmazingLights Feature, Siren uses her extensive Cosplay experience and next level orbiting to play the role of Link from the Legend of Zelda video game series. Light show artists always talk about how storytelling is an essential aspect of a good performance. When Siren orbits, she doesn’t just tell a story. She is the story.


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