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Prism 4-Light Orbit

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Details: We professionally build all our orbits with the Orbite™ casing along with high quality 2mm Satin String. This string can support over 50lbs and is the softest/smoothest string for orbiting! We test all orbits before sending them out as with all of our products.

Prism 4-Light Orbit mimics the colors of the Prism Glove set:

  • 1 x RedGreenBlue 3-Color Ribbon
  • 1 x Blue Solid
  • 1 x White Solid
  • 1 x Red Solid

Brand new Orbite™ is included in this orbit set!


Details: Introducing the new Orbite™! The most durable and easiest solution for your orbit lights!

  • Say good-bye to zip ties and messy, uneven orbit setups.
  • The new Orbite™ makes it super simple and quick to set up your new orbit. The Orbite™ literally "bites" down onto your microlights and with the new innovative design keeps the lights from coming apart as you spin the orbit at unbelievable speeds. 
  • The Orbite™ has been put through rigurous testing and has been said to be virtually industructable. The design will bite down onto your microlights and keep them in place but if you are a serious orbiter and want extra protection you can secure the Orbite™ down with the included screw and special lock nut provided with every order.

Special Features: The Orbite™ allows the lights to be spread apart further than if they were simply zipped tied together, thus creating a larger area of effect with the lights. This means your awesome stars and shapes will be larger than ever!

Please view the demo video to see the Orbite™ in action.
Caution: Product Safety and Liability


Beautiful Review by Trevor
Average Customer Rating
Colors are very bright, only down fall if you don't order extra batteries you might wanna order some.
They lasted a good while, but not as long as i thought (Posted on 9/30/2013)
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Great First Orbit Review by ManicShorty
Average Customer Rating
Handles nicely and has great colors. I also love that the Orbite is so freakin' durable. I can't wait to melt people's faces off with it. (Posted on 9/11/2013)
1 people(s) found this review helpful.
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Great Review by Leo
Average Customer Rating
This orbit is really nice. The color combo is superb. I am happy to have this orbit has my first orbit. Thanks for fast shipping. (Posted on 8/27/2013)
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