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Gloving 101

Why Gloving 101 is important to the scene

Gloving has evolved to become a great art form in the recent past. Just like dance or playing the piano you must practice long hard hours to develop skill and talent to get to the top of gloving.

Gloving 101 AND FNL are set up to encourage a gloving community where new and seasoned glovers can come together and have a great time. There are basics that every glover needs to learn to have a good clean show. We need to encourage new people to enter the art form and to continue innovation of such a great hobby. We can’t be scared that these new glovers will learn our secret gloving techniques that well….took us a long time to master! Embrace that people will eventually learn the same moves but the questions is…. Who will execute it better? Who can make a great SHOW out of it? Everyone has their own style and flow and its impossible to copy another glover move for move for every show you give!

Following the foot steps of Dance

Think of how the art form of hip-hop dance has evolved over the past decade…are there thousands of dancing classes? Are there still top performers in the world of dance? Has all dancing become the same and homogenous? Are new moves and routines still being created every day? I think we all know the answer to these questions and in order for gloving to get to the next level we need to treat it like an art form!

If you are sick of hearing statements such as “why would I want a light show , I’m not on drugs” then join us and lets change the scene together. We need to work together to remove the bad stigma behind gloving.

Support the movement, don't hate, together we can create a great community of glovers dedicated to the art form of gloving without drugs.