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eLite Trinity Chip





As glovers, we hate worrying about buying and carrying multiple glove sets, but we love customization, we love having a variety of colors to choose from and we love saving money - that's why the eLite Trinity was born! 

Featuring the ability to carry three glove sets wherever you go, our eLite Trinity chip was designed to give glovers the choice of switching between multiple color variations on the fly, without the added headaches of harder to program microchips. With 20 customizable colors to choose from, 3 awesome strobe modes and an intuitive interface, the eLite Trinity is a highly versatile microlight built with you in mind. Featuring the ability to add "blanks" to your color choices, you can create 3C, 2C and 1C strobe combinations, which means you can set up your colors exactly how you want them without ever having to buy new bulbs again! We even made it possible to switch each color set independently without touching the others AND your colors are saved in the chips memory, even when you change out your batteries. Speaking of batteries, all of our newest eLite chips come stock with our redesigned battery arm, which means you can use both CR1616 and CR1620 without any type of mods. It's pretty sweet :)

Want even more choice? Try adding our eZLites as thumbs to your Trinity Glove Set - it's a match made in Glover heaven - seriously.



  • Your eLite Trinity will come with three preset colors: RGB (Red, Green Blue), BWG (Blue, White, Green), and PiYB (Pink, Yellow, Blue)
  • You can program any 1 color, or two color light as well utilizing the 'Blank' option.



The eLite Trinity has been designed to be easy to use and still offer full customization and powerful functionality:

  • Your eLite Trinity will come pre-programmed with RBG, BWG and PiYB color sets.
  • To turn on, simply click the on/off button once to begin using your lights. Click the button again each time you would like to switch between color sets.
  • To turn off your eLite Trinity, simply click and hold the button for a half secondd until the light turns off.


  • You can easily change your colors one color set at a time! Simply turn your light on, find the color set you want to change and click and hold the on/off button until the light turns off and quickly turns on again with an orange flash - you are now in the color selection menu.
  • In color selection mode, each button click will bring you to a different color. When you find a color you like (flickering white is "blank"), simply click and hold to set the color. Once you have selected your three colors, the chip will quickly play back your three color choices and return to normal 3-mode functionality.
  • If you mess up your color sets or want to return your light to factory defaults (RGB, BWG, PiYB), simply click and hold the on/off button for 10 seconds when your light is off. Your light will flash white and turn back on in its default settings.



:O Review by Knuckles
Average Customer Rating
There's so many things I love about this chip, I don't even know where to start. First off, the brightness...always a must. Love the option for 1, 2, or 3 color strobes and most of all that you can have 3 sets in one. These chips are perfect! (Posted on 2/22/2013)
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Great show old boy Review by alec
Average Customer Rating
I due think that thses are great for those that use 8 of there fingers as regular strobes. i use a mixture of hyper on my pinkys pointer fingers and thumbs. you will never have to buy another set of gloves with these and you get the quality for a cheap price. and not to mention a staff that will do anything to meet your standards short to probably coming to your house on the east coast to personaly hand the package to you (not saying they wouldn't cause they would if you are willing to pay for the gas and time) theses are truely the newest and greatest lights that make it so you never have to buy another glove set again. (Posted on 2/28/2013)
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Awesome lights Review by Tobin
Average Customer Rating
I got these lights as a gift from my wife and they have been so great. only had them for a few weeks now but have seen a good few shows. Even gave Roscoe dash his first lightshow at a buddies party. the only problem that i have encountered was trying to factory reset the lights to get back to the original settings. After i factory reset the chips are not cycling through all of the colors. I have put up a support ticket which im sure the great people at emazing will deal with promptly so im not even stressin. i can't wait to get them fixed so i can use them again. but regardless of this small issue these are my favorite chips i have ever had. and will use these for many years to come. :) (Posted on 3/10/2013)
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