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eLite Matrix Chip





The eLite Matrix is one of the most advanced and user-friendly chips ever produced for the eLite Microlight! We wanted to deliver a microlight that was exactly up to the standards of what glovers were asking for, which is why we had some of the top glovers in the scene design and test the Matrix before we made them available to the public. The eLite Matrix boasts 35 incredible modes and contains both classic and completely new strobe pattern sets.  We have carefully selected the best 20 colors available in integrated LED technology to ensure maximum customization and perfect patterns no matter what colors you choose to use. We have engineered the Matrix to be the brightest microlight ever released in the Gloving community, while also delivering unparalleled build quality and an extended battery life. The entire eLite family of chips can use both CR1616 and CR1620 batteries with our all new redesigned battery arm with no modifications required! Our original eLite PRO provides the best programming and functionality for 2 prong LEDs, and now the eLite Matrix allows full control over programming your colors and modes ensuring you maximum power and creative expression!



Which path will you choose? The eLite Matrix chip contains 7 main categories of mind-blowing modes, and 5 options per category. The categories include:



    • Your eLite Matrix will come pre-programmed with a RBG color set.
    • Click the button to turn the light on into mode 1. Once on, continue clicking the button to cycle through the 7 different modes.
    • To change options within each mode, simply navigate to that mode, and click and hold the button. The light will turn off, and turn back before cycling through each individual mode option.
    • To turn off the light, hold the button down in any mode; release the button when the light turns off.



1. To reset your color combinations and modes, hold the button down when the eLite Matrix is turned off until you see 10 quick flashes (this signals that the chips memory is ready to be programmed).
2. The light will turn back on showing the color white, the first of 20 different color combinations (including a flashing 'blank' color). 
3.  When you reach your desired color, hold the button until the light flashes the color you chose. 
4.  Choose your next two colors with the same method as above, the eLite Matrix will also indicate what colors you have previously chosen by repeating them back to you after your last selection. When you are finished choosing all three colors your eLite Matrix will turn off.
5. Click the button to turn your Matrix back on; your light will now function with the colors and mode sets you have selected!






problem Review by jflow
Average Customer Rating
One of my chips are draining batteries when it's off how do I fix this besides taking the batteries out when not in use (Posted on 5/24/2015)
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glitchy Review by whoow
Average Customer Rating
this set is great the only problem is they are a little glitchy tho but over all great!!! (Posted on 5/19/2014)
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Absolutely everything I can ask for in a light Review by Zachary
Average Customer Rating
I've had the eLite Matrix set for about 3 months and they never cease to amaze. They are incredibly durable, have very long lasting battery life, and never get sticky or stuck on or off as the eDots will. And best of all are the amazing mode/effect options and any color combo you want. It was a bit overwhelming at first but as you practice and give shows, you'll play around with different effects and colors and get a feel for what you like. Amazing lights, absolutely recommend!

I also recommend using dome diffusers with the eLites as they make your lights look freaking awesome and also help hold the lights in place during a show. (Posted on 12/5/2013)
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