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EmazingLights / iHeartRaves is the world’s largest rave retailer. The company’s mission is to inspire individual creativity at music events and beyond. EmazingLights is the international leader in premium lightshow products, selling glove sets, light sticks, poi, orbits, and apparel. iHeartRaves is a one-stop shop for dance apparel including a variety of rave wear and accessories to encourage fashionable free expression at electronic music events. The company’s team includes many well-known light show artists who practice the art form every day. Only light show products that are sound and personally used by the team are featured in the company’s inventory. EmazingLights is passionate about ushering in the future of Gloving, actively promoting this emerging underground art form by organizing Gloving competitions, workshops, and showcase events. EmazingLights’ and iHeartRaves’ media-rich sites also feature educational, fashion, and event videos. In addition to the EmazingLights and iHeartRaves commerce sites, the company operates four outlets in California (West Covina, Anaheim, Harbor City, and now in Milpitas). EmazingLights-iHeartRaves also participates onsite at Ultra, IDentity, Lights All Night, and many other festival events.